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Residential Flagpoles

"The Americn Tradition" 

This is our best, easy to install and assemble residential flagpole

20' Height, 3" diameter, .95 wall.     

 Ask about installation instructions, or for professional installation.

The American Tradition is the absolute premiere residential flagpole of this industry. It is a 3-piece sectional pole. This sectional pole is tapered for added strength. To complete this amazing flagpole, the walls are .095” thick 6063 aluminum alloy, and complete with heavy duty components that are used on commercial flagpoles. This pole is 20’ in height, and comes in a satin finish or can be upgraded to white.

Our competitors closest flagpole is constructed with 180% less aluminum mass than ours. They're other flagpoles on the market that use the term heavy-duty, but there is no comparison! If you want the best, here it is. All this quality in one box, yet it is easy to install. Superior strength equals superior longevity. As a coach used to preach to us, "When you are the best, say you’re the best!" I can proudly say this is the best residential flagpole made, and I do! 


  • 6063 Aluminum Alloy
  • 3 Tapered Sections
  • Satin Aluminum Finish
  • Optional White Powder Coat
  • Heavy-Duty Components
  • 20’ Mounting Height
  • Full 3” Butt Diameter
  • 3” Gold Anodized Ball Ornament
  • Cast Aluminum Single Stationary Truck Assembly with Aluminum Pulley
  • Complete External Halyard Assembly
  • Rope Halyard – #10 Polypropylene
  • Two Chrome Plated Bronze Snap Hooks
  • 6” Cleat with Attaching Screws
  • Clear Silicone Adhesive Sealant
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Foundation Sleeve       

To place an order, click on the price list. Find your flag, Copy your item. Then go to my contact form and add your information along with the item you copied. I will email you an invoice which you can pay online. Thank you

The American Tradition
Height FinishCost
20' Satin$334.
20'White Powder Coat$384.





All American Series

100% Made in the U.S.A.

The All American Series flagpole was created to deliver a superior flagpole to the public using American craftmanship and expertise.

  • Steel pole are made with a wall thickness that guarantees durability. 18 gauge for the inground kits and 28 gauge for the 2-piece pole sets.
  • All poles are powder coated tough: a dry electrostatically charged paint that forms an extremely tough and durabile coating rhat resist cracking, peeling, marring and corrosion.
  • The ball, aluminum truck, and cleat are vacuum metalized: this process gives a superior high gloss. long lasting color retention and the duribility to withstand an outdoor environment. 
  • The 3-inch ball topper is made of solid hardwood: vastly superior to the tradional balls normally used in other flagpole sets. 
  • The 2 position bracket used in the 2-piece pole sets are made from recycled high density polyethylene: tested 25% stronger than nylon and abs brackets commonly used in the market. ​  
Item NameDescriptionPrice
AA-18-Black-No-Flag18' Steel 5 Section Pole$144
AA-18-Black-With-Flag18' Steel 5 Section Pole$169
AA-Bronze-No-Flag18' Steel 5 Section Pole$144
AA-Bronze-With-Flag18' Steel 5 Section Pole$169