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Flag Etiquette Guide, rules

Listed below are the Flag Etiquette Rules, Guidelines

Easy to understand explanation

  •  The American flag code states the American flag should be lit when flown at night.
  • No other flag should ever be flown above the American flag. However, other flags can be flown the same height. When you lower the American flag for any reason, all other flags flown in the same display are to be lowered first.
  •  When 2 or more flagpoles are displayed together at the same height, the American flag is to be flown to it's own right, which means, when looking at the display from the main point, the American flag will be on the left.
  • When 3 flagpoles are displayed together, and the center flagpole is taller, the American flag is displayed in the middle.
  • When 3 flagpoles are displayed together and are all the same height, the American flag goes on it's on right, which means on the left from the main point.
  • When displaying other country flags with the American Flag, they should all be the same height. When displaying state flags with the American flag, they should be displayed the same height. When lowing the American flag, all other flags have to be lowered first. This rule is misunderstood very often, resulting in flags being displayed on equal height poles lower than the American flag. This result is a sloppy looking display. It is not a rule to display flags lower than the American flag, It is a rule to lower the flags first, therefore assuring the American flag is never lower. Equal is correct.
  • The term "Half Staff" is to be used when flying our U.S. flag on a land based flagpole.
  • The term "Half Mast" should only be used when referencing  a U.S. flag being flown on a ship or water vessel.
  • Click this link to see how to correctly display your flags.http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/faq2.htm

Flag Holidays

Click for a link to all of the flag holidays. http://www.webcal.fi/en-US/flag_days.php