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Flagpole Installation

American Pride Flagpoles professionally installs flagpoles all over Virginia. We install flagpoles from 20' to 100' for both business and residential. We only sell commercial grade flagpoles that have a wind rating, so you will know exactly what you are getting. Call or contact us today to get the best flagpoles made install correctly. And we only sell American Made flags and flagpoles.

Commercial Flagpole Installation 20' to 80'

At American Pride Flagpoles, we specialize in full service commercial flagpole installation and repair. We go by the flagpole installation instructions and only modify to the situation.  We have installed and/or repaired flagpoles throughout Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Dublin, Lynchburg, and Northern Virginia. Installation is our specialty, but we will also repair your flagpole with the right flagpole accessories. We carry truck pulleys, double braided polyester rope, stainless steel snaps, cleats, ball ornaments, and all other items needed to complete any flagpole. If you want your flagpole to have a new golden ball ornament, or an eagle. We have you covered. Call us today. We will help you decide which flagpole will be right for your home or business. 

To install a flagpole we always use the installation specifications as a minimum requirement. If the ground is loose or soft, we take that into consideration when planning the foundation. Our plan is to never be called back because we didn't do our job right. We are American Pride Flagpoles!

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Our installation process



Installation Preparation
Foundation and SleeveAdding ConcreteRaising the FlagpoleFinal Bright Red, White, And Blue 


Residential Flagpole Installation

Residential flagpole installation can be a challenging task. Choosing the best spot to install your flagpole needs to be planned carefully. When you do decide on the best spot to install your flagpole, mark it with a stake or paint, and call Miss Utility to make sure it is safe. Most people want their flagpole installed at the front of their home. The height of your flagpole is a big decision. The farther away from the house, the less it matters how tall your flagpole needs to be. If it is a distance away from your house, then it is a matter of preference. How big of a flag you want to fly? Do you want the flagpole to be a small part of the look of your home, or a major focus?  We will guide you in selecting the size and location most suitable for your home after talking with you to determine the purpose. We will install a flagpole you will enjoy for many years.  We will explain the differences in flagpoles. A tapered flagpole is a start in the right direction. You can fly 2 flags on most flagpoles. We offer the best advice about your flagpole. Call (540) 915-6533.

All of our residential flagpoles come with detailed instructions. The instructions will tell you how to set the flagpole foundation. The diameter of the hole that needs to be dug. They will tell you how to plumb the flagpole sleeve. The instructions will tell you in order how to assemble the flagpole. 

Smith Mountain Lake 20 ft.       


Commercial and Residential Flagpole Refurbishing

We can take a steel flagpole that is rusted and/or has seen better days, and give the flagpole new life. We can resurface the flagpole and paint it with the color you choose. We can also replace all the working parts, add a flag, and then you can enjoy your flagpole for many years to come. We repair, refurbish, and install both residential and commercial flagpoles. 

We also can clean an aluminum flagpole that has oxidized. We will replace any parts that need to be, and give your flagpole a new life that will last for many years. 

 We carry truck pulleys, ball ornaments, and many other flagpole accessories. We can upgrade and accent your flagpole with an eagle or one of many other decorative flagpole toppers. Call us for more information at (540) 915-6533

BEFORE                                     AFTER 




Residential Flagpole Installation Instructions

Residential flagpoles ship have complete installation instructions.

Tools needed:

  •     A shovel, posthole digger, or auger
  •     A drill with metal bits
  •     Wheelbarrow
  •     Screw driver
  •     Level
  •     Loc-tite

Installation Instructions

  1. Measure ground sleeve.
  2. Dig the hole to the same height as the ground sleeve minus 1", The hole diameter should be 5 times the diameter of the flagpole.
  3. Fill the bottom of the hole with loose gravel.
  4. Use a level that fits inside of the ground sleeve.
  5. Set the ground sleeve in the center of the open hole. Use the level to help find the center of the hole by temporarily plumbing the ground sleeve.
  6. The ground sleeve should extend above ground level 1" to 2". Now that you can see where the sleeve will be installed, sink it a little into the gravel, making sure it is above ground level, and in the center of the hole.
  7. Cover the opening of the sleeve, and mix a few bags of your concrete. Pour it around the ground sleeve.
  8. Make sure the bottom of the ground sleeve doesn't move from the gravel. The rest of the sleeve can move a little at this point.
  9. Keep mixing and fill the ground hole with concrete, stopping to check the plumb of the ground sleeve as you fill it up. Remember, the concrete is wet at this point and plumbing the ground sleeve is easy to tilt.
  10. When you are about 2" from the top of the ground hole, slide the level inside the sleeve making sure it is plumb.
  11. Put the level against the inside wall of the sleeve only leaning the top, never let the bottom of the sleeve move. Plumb one position, then move the level 45’ and plumb again, keep doing this until you are sure it is straight up. Let the concrete harden while you assemble the flagpole.

Assembling the flagpole

  1. The truck pulley has a roller that you thread the rope thru.
  2. Tie the rope ends together before you raise the pole.
  3. The truck has set screws that you will need to back out a little, (Do not remove the screws).
  4. Slide the truck on top of the pole. Push down on the truck making sure it is flat to the top of the pole. Drop some Loctite on the set screws, and then slowly tighten each one, securing the truck to the pole.
  5. Take the ball ornament and with your fingers, and turn the bolt that is on the shaft toward the ball. Put some lock tight on the thread of the ball ornament. Slowly turn the ball ornament with your hand threading it into the top of the truck. When it is snug, tighten the bolt that you ran up the shaft of the ornament back down and tighten against the truck. You can use Loctite on the bolt also.
  6. Now, remember the measurement of the grround sleeve. Use that measurement and add 4 1/2 ft. together and make the spot on the pole for the cleat. This is where the cleat will be attached.
  7. Take your cleat and mark the holes. Drill the holes. Using screws attach the cleat. If you pole is a sectional, slide all the flagpole sections together. Now you have a complete flagpole.
  8. When the concrete has set up, slide the flagpole into the sleeve. If the sleeve is plumb, the flagpole will be plumb. Run the rope knots to the top of the pole.  Fold the rope in half and slide it into the hole of the snap hook, and over the end and pull tight. Hook your flag to this snap hook and raise it up so you can attach the bottom snap to the rope.
  9. Again, fold the rope and slide it thru the snap hook hole and over the end and pull it tight. Now take the bottom of the flag and pull it down until the wrinkles are gone, holding the snaps straight out and adjusting until the rope and the flag are equally taught. This will keep the flag flying straight.
  10. When this is complete, you raise your U.S. Flag briskly to the top. When lowering your flag, it is done slowly. Now caulk around the top of the ground sleeve, Sometimes you might want to slide some kind of wedge along one side of the pole inside the sleeve to both tighten and plumb a little more. Now sit back and enjoy your U.S. Flag and Flagpole.
30’ ESR Bronzed Anodized