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Flagpole Accessories

Flagpole Rope "Halyard"  

The rope or halyard is the tool that is used to raise, lower, and secure the flag to the flagpole. Each kind of flagpole requires the correct type of halyard. This rope is the perfect thickness and strength and should last for years. Choose below from the available products.

External Halyard White Double Braided 5/16"

• Average Tensile Strength: 3000 lbs
• Easy Gripping Properties. Will not Kink, Backlay or Hockle
• Low Stretch with Excellent Strength
• UV and Chemical Resistance and Torsion-Balanced
• Stores Well and Unaffected by Mildew, Rot, Most Acids and Alkalis

Wire Centered Halyard

Wire Centered Halyard- The stroangest of the external rope halyard family. Wire halyard greatly reduces the chance of halyard failure by adding the security of a multi-stranded cable inside the rope shell. Internal Halyard is mostly used with internal halyard systems such as a cam-cleat system. 

Stainless Steel Wire Cable 

Internal Halyard Complete Stainless Steel Wire Cable Assembly Complete Internal Halyard Assemblies are built upon our 1/8" Stainless Steel Wire Cable and match the exacting specifications of the original equipment systems shipped with all flagpoles. The Assembly includes a Stop Sleeve for Winch attachment, 1" Drilled Nylon Ball, top Snap Hook Assembly, two Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hooks with Neoprene Covers, Double Eye Swivel, Shackle, Beaded Retainer Sling and Counterweight.

Snap Hooks  

Snap hooks are used in both rope and wire halyard applications to attach the flag to the flagpole. The best is stainless steel snaps, although they are more expensive they pay for themselves in longevity. Some excellent choices are chrome plated bronze, and solid bronze. Heavey Duty, stainless steel snap hooks are preferable for larger flagpoles in wind zones. Nylon snap hooks are for residential applications only.

Snap Covers

Neoprene Covers provide protection and noise reduction.

Cleats are used on external halyard flagpoles as an anchoring location for the rope halyard.  

Cleat Covers

Cleat covers provide tamper proof resistant security for external halyard flagpoles in both cylynder lock and padlock designs. Constructed of heavy cast aluminum with stainless steel hinges. The cleat is sold separately. 

Ball Ornaments

Ornaments provide the finishing touch to the top of any flagpole. When choosing the oppropriate size ball ornament, the flagpole shaft is a great starting point. The ball should be approximately the same as the shaft. 

Eagle Toppers

Our eagles are lightweight, made of aluminum and gold in color. They add a fantastic look to your flagpoles display. They come in 2 sizes and 2 styles. The first is 12 1/2" wing span. The 2nd is 12 1/2" wing span and displayed on a ball ornament. The next has a 16" wing span. The last also has a 16" wing span and somes displayed on a ball. 

Utra Bright Ball Top Light with Solar Panel Option

Ball Top Light with 45ft. power cord, plug, photo sensor
• Dual power versatility
• Utilizes 8 ultra-bright 8mm LED light bulbs
• Durable:  Light is constructed with gold colored aluminum
• Ideal for both commercial-grade and residential in-ground flagpoles
• Automatic on/off sensor

To get the best price, please call or text us today, and let us find the perfect flagpole light.