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What is the correct flag size for my flagpole

The recommended size flag for your flagpole. Always take into consideration the type and strength of your flagpole. Some flagpoles are made to fly flags that can be 1/3rd the length of the flagpole, some even half the length of a flagpole. Those flagpoles are the widest shaft diameter and the thickest walls. If your flagpole is not the biggest shaft and thickest wall, fly the size flag shown here. Also for thinner flagpoles keep in mind the weight of the flag material. Nylon is the lightest and flys very well. Polyester is a heavier material and therefore adds more pull to a flagpole. 

Listed Below are correct size flags for the flagpole listed

20' flagpole, 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' flag

25' flagpole, 4' x 6' or 5' x 8' flag

30' flagpole,5' x 8' or  6' x 10' flag

35' flagpole, 6' x 10' flag

40' flagpole, 8' x 12' flag

45' flagpole, 8' x 12' flag

50' flagpole, 10' x 15' or 12' x 18' flag

60' flagpole, 12' x 18' flag

70' flagpole, 12' x 18' flag

80' flagpole, 15' x 25' flag